Our team understands the need to add value to your project / organization. We do this daily by applying “customer first” work ethics, integrity and utilizing / world wide & world class experience in our manufacturing and sourcing.

• Low overhead non-union, 24 hour a day, 5-6 day per week factories and global sourcing.
• Full service operations, prototype, design, development, tooling, packaging and molding and secondary operations
• Contract pricing on materials, components and utilization of value engineering in design and production.
• Preference for low impact operations, using recycled, bio-based materials where applicable and environmentally sound manufacturing.
• Large capacity, including 15 injection molding machines ranging from 50 ton- 675 ton to serve all your injection molding needs.



Quality Policy
Plastic Design and Manufacturing is committed to providing superior quality products and services through continuous improvement by adhering to a quality management system that benefits our customers and employees.